Nottingham University North Entrance

Info date: April 2013.

The North Entrance is just off the roundabout by Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC), as you head towards Derby.

Buses from town come this way onto the University Park campus. It’s also a good route to the main car park and some of the disabled parking spaces.

Maps Roundabout by QMC, at small scale showing City of Nottingham to the east.

North Entrance, showing which exit to take from roundabout.

Map-like photo Aerial photo shows Queen’s Medical Centre to the right of the dual carriage way, and University Park on the left. It includes the tall tower which is a good landmark for the ESLC building. The ESLC itself hadn’t yet been built when this photo was taken.

The road straight ahead in the next picture is towards Derby, and to the M1 at junction 25. From this angle, Queen’s Medical Centre would be behind you and to your left.

Photo: taken from the middle of a roundabout. Just ahead is part of the roundabout surface. Further ahead is a road into the distance. An arrow labels the North Entrance, a small exit left, just off the big main road as it leaves the roundabout.

If you’re approaching along Clifton Boulevard from the south-east (i.e. from the left of the above photo, from Dunkirk area), then this is the first exit off the roundabout. If you’re approaching from the city centre, it’s the second exit off the roundabout – staying on Derby Road.

Here’s that road sign again in close-up:

Photo: a big green road sign pointing left. Text is "The SOUTH (M1), Derby A52, Uni of Nott'm (Park Campus) 1¾, Bramcote 2½, Beeston 2½.

You turn left into the North Entrance literally as soon as you leave the roundabout. (Where the van is going in this picture.)

Photo: Slightly to the right, a main road continues into the distance. In the centre of the photo, a smaller road leads to the left, labelled "North entrance". On the pavement in the angle between the two roads is a bus stop with a shelter.

If your bus is going onto University Park – e.g. the 34 or L12 – it’ll follow where the van’s going.

If your bus isn’t going onto University Park – e.g. the 35, 36 or Indigo – then this bus stop just by the North Entrance is a good place to get off.

That University sign, a little closer up:

Photo: A large green sign has as its main text "North Entrance". Above that, it says "University of Nottingham", with a logo of a castle. Below the main text is some more text: World University Rankings, A global Top 75 University.

Follow the road round…

Photo: Ahead is a road leading to a small hut. The skyline is partly filled by a tall tower block behind the hut. A sign near to the viewer has a 20 speed limit. The right hand side of the road has a pavement; to the left of the road is grass.

That red and white road sign in close-up…

Photo: a road sign. Against a red background are the words "Traffic Control Ahead". A fork shape depicts two paths: the left labelled "Science Area", the right "Main campus". A second red box says "Caution Speed Humps".

So at the little hut, you’ll fork left or right depending on where you’re headed next.

Photo: A road divides in two, and on an island in between the two sides is a small hut. Each side of the road is blocked by a beam which can be lifted from the hut. Both sides of the road have painted arrows indicating one way traffic (away from the viewer).

Choose from…

  • North-of-Tower Blue Badge parking space (one space), which is also the closest dropping-off point for the Engineering & Science Learning Centre. Turn left, signed Science Area, and take the “back way in” to Science City.

    You can also walk/wheel this way to shorten the distance if you’re not in a vehicle.

    (You can stop reading this page now if you’re going that way.)

  • Or else…
    • Main car park
    • multi-space disabled parking by the maths building, or
    • bus stop near Science City

    For these, you want to turn right, signed Main Campus, and follow the road round. Keep reading this page.

At the little roundabout near the eco houses and the colourful NOTTINGHAM sign, take the first exit.

Photo: Ahead is a small flat roundabout. To the left, the road is labelled "Car parks etc". This road to the left is the first exit from the roundabout. To the right, the grassy hillside is labelled "View of eco houses". Ahead, the roundabout's second exit leads into the distance, up a gentle slope. A small additional photo is of one of the eco houses (which are not shown in the main photo, only pointed to).

NOTE: The gigantic colourful “NOTTINGHAM” sign is not on this photo, because it was only put up in the summer of 2014, after the photo was taken!

As you follow the road round, the next handy landmark is the white-fronted Maths building.

A road leads towards a white building in the distance, labelled "Maths". A tall chimney with a black top is further away against the skyline. To the left of the road is a pavement, and grass with some silver birch trees.

Then choose from

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