What is Single Bass?

“Jennifer Moore sings and plays electric bass guitar and that’s all, hence the title Single Bass. But what can you do with just the bass? “Plenty”, is the answer to that. …. an original collection of songs, far superior to any other unsigned act I know…. I must say at this point that the technical quality and sensitivity of the bass playing is superb.” – Caught Live And Gigging (Leicester, England)

“… golden and delicate voice.” – The Organ (UK)

“… a technical skill that is breathtakingly excellent and a canny understanding of groove … not just a collection of bass-playing techniques … but a genuine assortment of real songs expressing a solid songwriting talent.” – Overall (Nottingham, England)

“…. imaginative use of chordal harmonics underpinned by deft and funky lines….” – Guitarist (UK)

“a wicked bassist …. manages to make the bass fill the space most people need a band for.” – Scene & Heard (Cambridge, England)

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“She had something to say and said it in an engaging, unpretentious manner. …. these love songs spat in the face of romance, ironic and to the point.” – Impact (Nottingham University, England)

“… tender and poignant songs. Chord work, harmonics, two-handed stuff, effects, a ready riposte of hecklers, and a gently human voice, far away from the novelty act you might imagine.” – Venue (Bristol)

“It might sound boring… only Jennifer’s voice and bass playing – no other accompaniment – but believe me, it ain’t! Not only does she have a lovely voice, she is also an exceptionally gifted songwriter, and a very innovative bass player. Her lyrics really are superb – by turns joyful, sorrowful, wistful, amusing, frightening….. but always interesting.” – Feedback (UK)

Photo: a younger Jennifer, playing bass at a gig.

“She’s helped by the often forgotten truth about songs that they don’t really need any accompaniment at all. In theory, a Proper Song will work a capella, carried by words and melody. So any accompanying instrument should work as a bonus, adding colour, extra harmonic support and aural interest. (First Law of Songwriting: if it can’t be performed without instrumental backing, it’s not a song. It might be a great piece of music, but it’s not a song.)

“And there’s plenty of aural interest in her bass playing. … not careless, exactly, but carefree. … While she has the chops, she doesn’t make a meal of it … because that’s not what matters.

… “There’s a nice sense of humour [in the songs]… For me, Loudon Wainwright is the nearest comparison I can think of. … Perhaps the best thing about her songs is the marriage of words and melody: it’s a rare gift – or a clever skill – but when it works you don’t notice the mechanics. … simple and direct, waffle-free. As with all the best singer-songwriters, her songs express her personality as well as her real experiences.” – Feedback (UK), review by Mr Nasty, being uncharacteristically not very nasty at all :-)

“… very talented songwriter… a huge hit with the crowd of Holdsworth devotees.” – Sunderland Echo

“… a set that brought the room to a standstill.” – Darts (Sheffield University)

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