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If anyone’s planning outdoor gigs, I’m interested.  In general, I prefer places with wheelchair access, not because I need it myself but on principle.

Next gig:  Nottingham Green Fest 2023

Date:  Sunday 10 September 2023.

Festival time:  12 noon to 6pm.

Playing time:  2pm, for about 25 mins.

Location:  Nottingham Arboretum, NG7 4HF.  Main stage is at the Bandstand, where I’ve put the marker on this map.

Money:  Free admission.  I seem to remember they do a bucket collection for donations to support the festival.

Music is only one little bit of this festival;  it fills the Arboretum with stalls on environmental themes.  It’s family-friendly, with usually a fair bit of entertaining stuff for kids.  There’ll be lots of veggie or vegan food – though food stalls tend to close towards the end of the afternoon as they gradually run out of stuff to sell.

Festival web site, with more about the rest of it:

Getting there

Trams:  The tram line runs right past the Arboretum.  The nearest stop is “High School”.  From there, it’s about 150 yards to the gate at the corner of the Arboretum, and another 150 yards to the bandstand area.
“High School” is 5 stops from Nottingham Station, about a ten-minute ride.
The trams have flat access and automated audio announcements as well as the visual displays.
If you don’t already have a card or app to go with the trams, you can buy tickets from a machine at the tram stop, or “beep on” with a debit card on the little box on a pole at each end of the platform.  (You don’t “beep off” – it assumes one ride.)

If you’re coming into Nottingham by car, check out the tram Park and Ride page:

Buses:  nearest bus stop on the eastern side of the Arboretum is “Huntingdon Street”.
Yellow Line, Brown Line & Purple Line stop there.
From the bus stop to the bandstand, it’s around 700 yards.
If you don’t already have a card or app to go with the buses, you can buy a ticket in cash on the bus, or “beep on” with a debit card.  (You don’t “beep off” on the Nottingham City buses, which all those lines are.  I’m not sure about Trent Barton which is the other bus company.)

If you’re coming along, I recommend sun cream, water bottle and umbrella :-)