Nottingham University: Science City bus stop & disabled parking

Info date: April 2013.

The 34 and L12 come in at the North Entrance, turn right at the little hut and follow the road round to the white-fronted Maths building (see North Entrance page).

A road leads towards a white building in the distance, labelled "Maths". A tall chimney with a black top is further away against the skyline. To the left of the road is a pavement, and grass with some silver birch trees.

The bus stop comes shortly before the Maths building:

Photo: A road leads towards a white and tan-coloured building. Ahead on the pavement to the left of the road, before the building, is a bus stop sign attached to a lamp-post. The photo has an arrow pointing left with the words "Science City over here". Further ahead, the photo has an arrow pointing left, and the words "Next left for disabled parking".

and just after the bus stop is also the left turn for four spaces of disabled parking near the Maths building. To park there, you will need a Blue Badge, or a permit from the University.

Bus stop, maps and timetables

The bus stop. Again, Science City is to the left, off the photo.

Photo: A bus stop sign is attached to a lamp post, to the left of some pavement. To the left of the bus stop is grass and some trees. The grass is worn away to make a path going off to the left and down the hill. In the distance are buildings.

Behind the lamp-post with the bus stop sign on it, you can see the beginning of a well-worn path going off to the left, across the grass – a popular shortcut down to Science City.

The bus stop is called “Science Department”. The 34 and L12 stop there after coming from North Entrance.

(The 13 does stop there too, but not until it’s been all around Beeston! therefore not recommended unless you were coming from Beeston.)

Photo: A bus stop sign. Its topmost heading is UN31 Science Department. Bus numbers are 13, 34 and L12. Below the bus numbers are two additional destinations: Jubilee Campus and King's Meadow.

Nottingham City Transport tell me “I can confirm that both the 13 & the 34 are wheelchair accessible.”

In the city centre, the 34 does a loop. Central-ish places to catch it include

  • Stop A3 on Angel Row, by the Central Library, just off the Market Square.
  • Collin Street, by the Broadmarsh shopping centre; this is the stop nearest to the railway station and the Broadmarsh bus station.
  • Opposite the front entrance of the Victoria Centre; this is the stop nearest to the Victoria bus station.
  • 34 bus timetable and map, from Nottingham City Transport

    See also
    13 bus timetable and map (click “To City” to see the route which goes via this stop).
    L12 bus timetable and map (not via city centre).

    Multi-space disabled parking

    These aren’t the spaces closest to the Engineering & Science Learning Centre; there are two lone spaces near the base of the Tower Building.

    For these four spaces, the left turn you want is just before the Maths building.

    Photo: Across a road is a white and tan-coloured building. In front of the building is a turning off the main road. In the foreground of the picture is a zebra crossing across the main road.

    The best view I’ve got of this turn-off is actually from up the hill. In this view, the turn-off is down the hill straight ahead of you (and you’ve come from the left). As you make the turn, you can probably already see the four spaces of Blue Badge parking on your right. And then it’s a right turn very soon to actually reach them.

    Photo: a view down steps, across a road, along another road. To the left of the far road, in the distance, is a building with vertical ridges (the Science library). To the right of the road, an arrow points towards a disabled parking area, although the parking space itself can't really be seen on the photo.

    There are four spaces here, and I’m told they’re rarely all in use.

    Four disabled parking spaces are marked out with yellow paint. In between the spaces are criss-cross hatchings to show where no-one should park, so as to give room for people to get out of the cars. In the background is a partly-white building. In the foreground is a reddish-brown tarmac pavement.

    If you stand where that car is and turn around, this is your view:

    Photo: In the foreground, criss-cross yellow hatchings on the ground indicate the edge of a disabled parking bay. Next to the parking bay is a flowerbed with bushes, and a tree. Beyond that is a road, and beyond the road is a building with vertical ridges. On the photo, the building is labelled "Library".

    That’s the back of the Science Library ahead of you. To the left of it is what I’ve called the “front approach” to Science City.

    These next two photos just show the step-free route up to that path, behind the Science Library. You can see roughly where it goes on the previous pic.

    Photo: In the foreground, a few squares of bobbly-textured paving-stone are inset into a reddish-brown tarmac pavement, sloping upwards away from the camera. Beyond that is the back of a building with vertical ridges. In front of the building, another path leads off to the left, sloping upwards at a similar gradient, perhaps 1 in 9..

    Turn right at the top of here to be facing into Science City.

    Photo: in the foreground is some reddish-brown tarmac. Ahead, the surface changes to brick or paving stones, sloping upwards. On the left is a low wall and some grass. On the right is the back of a building with vertical ridges. On the right, three steps lead up to the building (though this is not the main way in).

    When you’ve turned right…

    A path, paved in brick, which slopes down away from the viewer. Some recycling bins are nearby. At the bottom of the slope and to the right there is grass. Over to the right hand side of the photo, a building with a curved roof is labelled ESLC. The foreground of the photo is annotated "Four Blue Badge spaces are about 40m behind you".

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