Nottingham Lace Market Square: accessible toilets

As far as I’m aware, there are no toilets at the square itself. There is a “Radar key scheme” toilet at Broadway Cinema, on Broad Street, about 200m/250m away. I think there must also be other (unlocked) wheelchair-accessible toilets at Broadway; their own web site says “The building and screens are fully accessible to people using wheelchairs.” Apologies for the gap in definitive info here – shall hope to fill it in on a future trip.

There may also be other toilets nearer than Broadway, which I haven’t yet discovered.

For now, though…

Getting to Broadway Cinema from Lace Market Square

Heading to Broadway Cinema, you want to leave Lace Market Square on the north-east side, along St Mary’s Gate.

Here’s the view from the raised south side of the square, which at Pride 2014 was the stage:


St Mary’s Gate is on the right.

I don’t have the ideal photo to show the next bit. In this one, the white van’s going into St Mary’s Gate, where you’d be coming out, and the white arrow shows you going along a little bit of Warser Gate and into Stoney Street.


The cream-coloured building at the end of that road is the Old Angel pub.

Here’s that junction again, with the Old Angel on your right. Again, the arrow shows where you’re headed.


A short distance down Stoney Street, you get to another junction – the one with the bicycle parking rails. From here, you can see down Broad Street to Broadway Cinema.


(Sorry for the lack of photos of Broadway entrance and main toilets, so far – when I went round to Broadway to research, a school group was lining up in the corridor by the toilets, and then I ran out of time!)

This is the door of the “Radar key scheme” toilet, on the left as you come through Broadway’s main doors.


Here’s a close-up of the info by the lock:


Text is: Radar key scheme, Phlexicare, 020 7247 5432.

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