Nottingham Lace Market Square

Lace Market Square is on the south-east side of Nottingham City Centre, in between Fletcher Gate and St Mary’s Gate. It’s about 50 metres from the Lace Market tram stop.

(For people who can’t picture that, but know some other landmarks: the square is about 200m/250m from Broadway Cinema, round the corner from the Old Angel pub.)


In 2014, this square was the venue for Nottinghamshire Pride’s entertainments stage, and, as I write, it’s about to be used in the same way for 2015.


Lace Market Square, St Mary’s Gate, Nottingham (city centre).

Post code

NG1 1PB.


Lace Market Square on OpenStreetMap.


No toilets at the square itself, as far as I’m aware, but see info about accessible toilets at Broadway cinema. There may also be other toilets nearer than Broadway, which I haven’t yet discovered.

Seating / steps etc

More info about the Square’s layout is further down this page.

Seating and steps at Lace Market Square

At Pride 2014, the centre section was fenced off and open only to people with a Pride wristband. The rest of it was still open to anyone.

I can’t promise either (a) that the fencing will be the same in 2015 or (b) that I’ve remembered exactly where it was, but the next photo shows roughly how I think it was laid out in 2014:


Access to the main part of the square from the surrounding pavements is step-free. There are steps from the main part to what in 2014 was the stage area.

There are a couple of benches for sitting on, but if the stage is in the same place, they’re not really in a good place for watching the stage:


In a much better viewing position – as long as there aren’t too many people standing in front of you – is this low wall, on the north side of the square. I don’t think it’s officially a seat.