Nottingham University ESLC

Info date: April 2013.

Address Engineering & Science Learning Centre, University Park, Nottingham
Post code NG7 2RD
Maps 1. ESLC on OpenStreetMap.
2. Nottingham University campus map (pdf), on which the ESLC is number 54.
Travel & access info See below…

A large grey building with slightly-angled sides coming up to a curved roof.

The ESLC is towards the north-east side of University Park. It’s within a relatively built-up area of the campus, known as “Science City” or the “Science Area”.

Starting with the building itself, and working backwards to the various ways to get there…

Engineering & Science Learning Centre

The Tower Building makes a good landmark; it’s visible from a long way around, and it’s near the ESLC.

A path, paved in brick, with benches on the left. At the end of the path is a tall tower. To the right, before the tower, is a grey building with a curved roof, the Engineering & Science Learning Centre.

The ESLC is easily recognisable by its curved roof.

A large grey building with slightly-angled sides coming up to a curved roof. (Same pic as the first one on this page.)

From the main path, there’s a slope downwards towards the main entrance. The gradient is roughly 1 in 10 or 1 in 12.

All the front doors are automatic.

Between two very large curved pillars is a glass front. There are six large glass sections; the middle two are automatic doors, the outer four are windows. Above the doors, written on the glass are the words "Engineering & Science Learning Centre".

Near to the camera is the edge of a door, with a sign saying "Automatic door". Beyond the door is a large atrium. Two balconies run round the edge of the atrium. A square glass column holds a lift.

The main entrance takes you straight into the atrium.

Inside the Atrium. On the left, about level with the lift column, an archway is labelled "Wheelchair toilet". At the far end, routes lead off to left and right, marked "Ways in to lecture room".

(When I made this page, it was for a ground floor event, so I haven’t documented going in the lift.)

Toilets, inc wheelchair-accessible one.

The two ways into the main lecture room are both on the wall furthest from the main entrance. They’re not visible as you enter the building; go to the far wall and turn either left or right to see one. This pic is of the left-hand door.

The door to the lecture room is a double door opening outwards.

The floor is flat, and the chairs can be rearranged – it’s not fixed seating.

(On the day I was taking photos, we couldn’t get in to the lecture room, as it was locked.)

Disabled parking

None of the disabled parking is absolutely next to the front door of the building. The two closest spaces I’ve seen are two individual ones at the base of the tower, behind the ESLC building. Next closest is the little Blue Badge car park near the Maths building. There is also free parking for Blue Badge holders on the main car park.

To park in any of the reserved spaces, you will need either an actual Blue Badge, or a permit from the University.

Getting there

So, depending on how you’re travelling and whether you need a Blue Badge parking space, here are some various options of routes and information:

Note: These are not the only ways onto campus! If you’re coming from Beeston, or cycling from town along Castle Boulevard, other routes may be quicker or easier for you. I’ve concentrated here on routes which make sense coming from town, as that’ll be what most newcomers need.