July 2015

Welcome (back) to the Single Bass web site :-)

July will contain a gig! It’s the first one in a while. I’m playing at Nottinghamshire Pride, in Nottingham city centre on the afternoon of Saturday 25 July. All ages welcome, as long as you’re queer-friendly.

This web site fell over earlier in the year, so I took the opportunity to rebuild more-or-less from scratch. This version is on WordPress, using a theme that works well on mobile phones.

Note on bookmarks: If you’ve got bookmarks from the old site and they’re not working, there’s two possibilities. (a) Some of the longer links will be different now, because I was using Drupal before, and WordPress doesn’t let you have so many hierarchical layers in its link construction. Try hyphens where there would’ve been directory slashes before. (b) Some of the backstory pages aren’t there at the moment (like gigs that have already gone) – I may or may not ever bother to put them back up.