Nottingham Lace Market Square: by bus or tram


Lace Market tram stop is about 50 metres from the middle of Lace Market Square. All trams have flat access from platforms, wheelchair areas, and visual and audio announcements of the next stop. More info at Nottingham tram site. Trams link to several Park And Ride car parks, including one at the Forest.

Nearest bus stop is Fletcher Gate: about 70 metres from the tram stop, hence about 120 metres from the middle of the square. Bus stop code is H1. The buses which stop there are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 34, 76, 77, 78, 79, L1, N34, N77, W1, and Citylink 1. More info at Nottingham City bus site. Citylink 1 links to Queens Drive Park And Ride car park.


Fletcher Gate is part of the “City Loop” bus route. There isn’t a corresponding bus stop on the east side of the road; it’s kind of a one way system for the buses at this point, so if you’re going to this bus stop, you’ll be arriving from the south. (Trams arrive at Lace Market tram stop from both directions.)

A good landmark if you’re on the bus is Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery, a striking modern building, coloured dull green and gold. It’s on the right of the bus (east) just before you need to get off.


From the bus or tram stop to Lace Market Square

If you were on the bus, walk or wheel along to the tram stop.

There is a wide, flat path from Lace Market tram stop to Lace Market Square. The path is called Adams Walk.

It starts at the edge of the south-bound tram stop, on the east side of Fletcher Gate. This is just on the corner where Fletcher Gate meets Warser Gate.


From the entrance to Adams Walk by the tram stop, you can actually see right through to Lace Market Square. There are no steps on the way.


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