September 2014

Welcome (back) to the Single Bass web site!

Nottingham Peace Fair is on Saturday 27 September, at Sneinton Marketplace. Admission free. SB, poets, other musicians, about 20 interesting stalls to browse, and some fountains rather good for "wet play" :-) Nearby attractions include Victoria Park, Victoria Leisure Centre and the ice rink. The market's on the east side of Nottingham city centre, easily reachable on foot or by e.g. the blue line 39 bus from outside the Post Office.

Most recent studio recording is still Gender lines. Or you can watch a little video, 3'28" long. It's on the "What is Single Bass?" page and on its own page at Vimeo. It has bits of three different songs: Temptation, Radiation blues and Completion song.

Happy listening!