August 2014

Welcome (back) to the Single Bass web site!

At long last a couple more gigs to announce, and they're a pair: Nottingham Sumac Centre on Saturday 16 August, benefit for the women's centre, and again at the same venue two weeks later, on Saturday 30 August, benefit for POW Nottingham. The second one, the 30th, is likely to include more of SB than the first. SB was a late addition to the 16th, so I might only do a few songs. But the 16th also features El Dia, whom I'm a fan of... so, basically, they'll both be good :-)

At both events, there's also vegan food on offer, as it's the People's Kitchen night. On the one occasion when I went to that myself before, the food was very tasty :-)

Update: Now also playing at the rally to welcome the "People's March for the NHS", at the Forest on Thursday 28 August.

Most recent studio recording is still Gender lines. Or you can watch a little video, 3'28" long. It's on the "What is Single Bass?" page and on its own page at Vimeo. It has bits of three different songs: Temptation, Radiation blues and Completion song.

Happy listening!